Sony Pod Sony Entertainment contracted Jesler to develop, design and build 32 interactive, networked simulators for the Metreon center in San Francisco CA. Following this, 34 interactive, networked simulators for Tokyo Japan. Both of these were the largest networked simulator installation in the world.
Kohl's Children Museum

Kohl’s Children Museum in Chicago IL  contracted Jesler to develop, design and build a $500,000
Interactive, educational water exhibit, for their children’s Museum. This project consisted of numerous
Water tables with 12 different activities.

Las Vegas Spring Preserve Jesler was contracted through The Nassal Company to develop, design and build 10 different interactive, educational exhibits for the Las Vegas springs Preserve in Las Vegas NV. These exhibits varied from interactive maps to interactive trains.
Busch Gardens

Jesler developed, designed and built numerous elements for Busch Gardens in Tampa FL, which consisted of electronic telescopes, camera trap, kiosks, video and audio systems.

Thunder Stock Car

Jesler developed, designed and built 30 stock car simulators located in Dave and Busters entertainment restaurants.


Jesler accquired the rights to the arcade version of Hyperbowl, a virtual bowling Game, which has been sold through out the world, to many entertainment venues.

Small go-kart style driving simulator for Delores Kohl Museum

3 Animatronics bears for the children’s educational bus. (Storey Bus)

MMT Jesler developed and designed a scrolling sign system for Purple Monster Media Truck.
Crossbow Crossbow 3-Wheeled Trike developed/designed by Jesler