The power to turn creation to solutions!


Jesler has been doing custom work since the very beginning. We have created, designed and built everything from motion simulators to museum and themed environments.


We have developed the abilities to cover viritially any build. Motion, sound, computer control, advanced electronics, metals ,plastics, fiberglass, and wood.


Our services include project management , exhibitry, fabrication, design and installation.


We have the skill, technology and proven expertise to expand your ideas and make them reality.


12 August, 2009 - Currently working on Exit Stairs for Chalk River.


10 August, 2009 - Completed exhibits for the Church of Scientogy.


29 July, 2009 - New Website.

Jesler Enterprises Inc.

637 Queensway Court

Unit 5

Peterborough, ON



Telephone: 1-705-876-0226

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